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Lynne Walton

Sales Associate

Cayman Company Admin - Lynne Walton, Administrative


Lynne is a highly experienced and knowledgeable Realtor based in the Cayman Islands and CIREBA licensed since 2003. She is our only Sales Associate who has lived and worked on all three islands of the Cayman Islands. Lynne's background includes working with a prominent local developer and serving in the Cayman Islands Government's Planning Department and Building Control Unit. This experience equips her with a deep understanding of development requirements and the real estate industry and allows her to provide creative financial and contractual solutions to meet her clients' needs.

Featured in an episode of House Hunter's International titled "Shelter from the Storm," Lynne's expertise and knowledge were recognized on a global scale. As a 22-year veteran of the Cayman Islands, she takes pride in offering precise and up-to-date feedback to her clients. Lynne ensures her clients receive comprehensive information about the state of the market, trends, comparable sales, property values, planning, building code and banking requirements. By providing a realistic outlook on what to expect in the Cayman market, Lynne empowers her clients to make informed decisions.

With deep local connections in different sectors of the real estate and rental markets Lynne offers a wealth of knowledge and experience to her clients and is known for finding creative solutions that align with her clients' objectives. Her dedication to providing accurate market analysis and her commitment to exceptional service make her a trusted stakeholder in the Cayman Islands real estate market.  

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